15 In A 30 Tour Phoenix

Phoenix is already hot but Sam Hunt’s 15 In A 30 Tour brought even more heat to a SOLD OUT show at Ak-Chin Pavillion.

IMG_1031First up we had newcomer Ryan Follesé who warmed up the crowd with his well known singles “Put A Label On It” and “Float Your Boat“. Ryan comes from a family of song writers and shared stories of writing his first album with them. He even got the crowd to sing “Happy Birthday” to his grandma who turned 90 on Saturday night! Think you recognized Ryan from the past? Well, you’re right! At the end of his set, he revealed that he used to be the lead singer in the band Hot Chelle Rae and ended with their song “Tonight Tonight“. The crowd happily sang along and it felt like one big house party.


N20953520_10212978274593610_3607480110385650473_next up we had country boy Chris Janson. Talk about a lot of energy! Janson was running all around the stage that it was hard to keep track of where he was! And it seems like all of his energy was rubbing off on the crowd. Every one was singing along, especially to his big hits like “Fix a Drink” and of course, “Buy Me A Boat“. I took a moment to look around at the crowd and every single person had a smile on their face while he was on stage, but no surprise there! Chris took it down a notch in the middle of his set to tell us all about his wife Kelly, how they met, his “bonus” kids and their daughter, while singing his touching song, “Holdin’ Her“. He quickly brought up the energy once more and got the crowd pumped up for Sam Hunt later in the evening.

20915336_10212978274633611_2860370582704457575_nShortly after, Maren Morris took the stage and she did not disappoint! Her strong voice can put her on the same level as some of the greats like Martina McBride and Faith Hill, while also bringing along her own style. Her spunky attitude and witty lyrics are a breath of fresh air and watching her live is, in one word, fun! Along with her popular singles “I Could Use a Love Song“, “’80s Mercedes” and “My Church“, Morris also sang a handful of songs from her debut album Hero and also added a little Beyoncè cover at the end!

Now, the reason we all suffered through the 105° Phoenix heat: Sam Hunt! It looks like some of Chris Janson’s energy rubbed off on him, because he was all over the stage from start to finish! He even jumped down and ran through the crowd during “House Party“. You can tell that he truly enjoys what he does and couldn’t have been happier to be performing to a sold out crowd.

20915107_10212978275233626_8532770356786767260_nAbout halfway through, Sam stepped out with just his guitar and began to tell a story about how he got his start. He gave shout outs to Billy Currington and Kenny Chesney for recording his songs “We Are Tonight” and “Come Over” respectively, and how grateful he was that he was able to get his start because of that. We’ve all heard the term Sam Hunting, since Sam is infamous for talking/rapping in his songs, and his label wasn’t so sure that was going to work out. Fast forward to now and he is selling out headlining shows! A big reason for this, according to Sam, was because of this generation.

“You don’t pay attention to genres in music, you don’t pay attention to genres of people. Ya’ll listen to what makes you feel good. You hang out with people you like not people who look like you.”

This observation came between a medley of songs of varying genres: “Don’t Rock The Jukebox“, “Here’s A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)”, Nice and Slow“, “Ignition (Remix)” and “Come Over“. And, of course, the crowd sang along to all of them, validating the above statement!

The energy picked right back up during the last few songs of his set. The only thing that could’ve made it better is if Ryan, Chris and Maren had joined him on stage for a fun cover song. In a nutshell, the 15 In A 30 Tour was a huge success and I’ll bet a large majority of the Phoenix crowd will be at the next one!


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