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Country Thunder Arizona: Best Moments

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Another year of Country Thunder has come and gone. Like always, this was just a long weekend that goes by way too fast! With four days of music, there’s a lot to see and many songs to sing along to. Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite moments of the weekend to reminisce until next year!

Dierks Bentley Pays Tribute to Yarnell
Photo Apr 10, 12 04 13 PM
In the middle of his set, hometown boy Dierks Bentley took a break from the drinking songs and slowed it down with a song that he had written earlier in the week about the 19 lives that were lost in the Yarnell Hill Fire. The song was written in the perspective of a hotshots going through their day and protecting “someone’s piece of Heaven.”

There was no word on if we will be getting a recorded version of the song, but knowing how involved Dierks has been, I won’t be surprised if we get to hear it again very soon.

Following the new song, Dierks sang “Riser” to end his tribute and then continued the night with more upbeat hits like “Somewhere On A Beach” and “Drunk On A Plane.

Thomas Rhett Pulls Fan on Stage
Thomas Rhett decided to cover one of the greatest country songs of all time: “Friends In Low Places.” To do this, he needed a helper and so he enlisted a man from the crowd who he playfully nicknamed Six-Pack. Of course, as soon as the music started, all 20,000 people sang along while Thomas put his guitar on Six-Pack and handed him the mic. It was a fun, lighthearted moment and even if you weren’t the one on stage, you were still having fun!

Thomas Rhett was full of energy throughout the night while performing all of his biggest hits and ended his set with a cover of “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars!

Jon Pardi Joins Dierks Bentley On Stage
Photo Apr 10, 12 13 23 PMSpeaking of great country songs, we got to hear another great one this weekend! Dierks Bentley welcomed Jon Pardi back to the main stage for a cover of the perfect song for an Arizona crowd, “Ocean Front Property.”

Their voices sounded great together and, let’s face it, anytime someone says your state’s name in a song, you know you’re going to scream!

Blake Shelton and The Oak Ridge Boys
Photo Apr 10, 12 25 38 PM
Whether it was planned or just a coincidence, it was perfect that The Oak Ridge Boys were also performing at Country Thunder! The band joined Blake Shelton on stage to sing their song “Doing It To Country Songs” which had the crowd going wild. They also all sang “Elvira” before heading off stage.

Proposal On Stage

Photo Credit: DBG Photography

It’s safe to say that the most memorable moment of the weekend was this one for this happy couple! A few songs into his set, Tyler turned around and welcomed them onto stage so that Chris could ask his girlfriend a very important question. (As you can see, she obviously said yes!)




What was your favorite moment of Country Thunder 2017?

Take a look at more photos of the weekend:

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