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Storm Warning: Country Thunder Arizona – Day 4

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All good things must come to and end. Luckily for us, we have LANco, High Valley, The Oak Ridge Boys, Tyler Farr & Blake Shelton performing on the last night of Country Thunder!

Related imageSo what does LANco stand for? Lancaster & Company! You’ve probably heard their song “Greatest Love Story” on country radio, but you can listen to their self-titled EP exclusively on Spotify.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter! Be sure to also check them out at the Whiskey Row stage on Sunday night at 7:30!

High Valley
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High Valley really is a band of brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel! Their debut single “Make You Mine” was playing on country radios everywhere and for good reason!

Get to know the songs off their four albums before they hit the stage on Sunday night!

If you’re looking for some more people to follow, connect with High Valley on Facebook and Twitter!

The Oak Ridge Boys
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The Oak Ridge Boys win the award for the band that has been around the longest at Country Thunder 2017! The group (current members) has been around since the 1970s! That’s impressive.

Give them a listen and get to know them better on Facebook and Twitter!

Tyler Farr
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Hit singles “Whiskey in My Water,” “Redneck Crazy,” & “A Guy Walks Into a Bar“, amongst others, have ran through your head more than once. Tyler Farr’s distinct voice definitely sets him apart from the rest of the top acts in the country music scene and that same voice sounds even better live.

Fun fact: Tyler Farr is a classically trained opera singer! Maybe if we are lucky, he will show off some of those skills during his set on Sunday night.

Listen to Tyler Farr here, and check him out on Facebook and Twitter!

Blake Shelton
Image result for blake sheltonWhether you’re a die hard country music fan, or just a big fan of prime time singing competition shows, you know the name Blake Shelton. With hits dating back to 2001, there’s a big chance that you’ve got quite a few favorites!

Blake Shelton sold out Country Thunder a few years back, so it’s safe to say he is a fantastic choice to close out the weekend once again! And if you’ve never had a chance to see Blake live, Sunday is going to be your lucky night! At his last Country Thunder show, he surprised the crowd with a mullet wig, so let’s hope he does that again!

Get a little nostalgic and listen to some of Blake’s older hits here! And don’t forget to keep up with his shenanigans on Facebook and Twitter!


Electric Thunder – Sunday Night:
1:30 – Karaoke
2:30 – Silent Disco
4:00 – Line Dance Chance
4:30 – Karaoke
5:30 – Silent Disco
7:00 – Line Dance Chance
7:30 – Karaoke
8:30 – David Fanning
10:30 – HISH

Don’t forget to check out the artists performing all weekend at the Whiskey Row Stage:

Who are you most excited to see during Night 4 of Country Thunder? For the entire festival lineup and schedule, click here.


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