Songs You Should Be Listening To

We’ve all got our favorite songs that we hear on the radio over and over again all day long! It’s so easy to discover new music and even new artists by just going through the presets in our cars. But how often do you dig deeper and listen to that artist’s entire album and not just their #1 hits that are blasting through your speakers?

Now I’m not saying these hit singles aren’t good. They’re great, that’s why they’re “hit singles!” But sometimes an artist’s true sound comes out in the rest of the songs on their albums. Or sometimes they have an album full of #1s but hey, you can only release so many singles at once!

I know your time is precious, so I’ve done you a favor and found some great country songs that you probably have never heard before. But I bet you’ll know the artists pretty well! Enjoy!

Did you already know some of these? Let me know which songs were your favorite! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram or leave a comment below!


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