“Without A Fight” Review

Brad Paisley first teased his new single last week on Twitter, having country fans everywhere guessing who his secret duet partner would be! Once it was revealed that Demi Lovato was the female counterpart in “Without A Fight“, I was not surprised as they clearly had this planned before their killer performance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards back in April (or at least I like to think it was planned for a while!) I was also pretty excited because I’ve been a Demi Lovato fan since around the time she had her big break on Camp Rock back in 2008, but that’s a story for another day.


After listening to the song the first time, I was really into how their voices sound together.

They both have very distinct voices, Brad’s is great for country music and Demi’s is great for pop music but somehow together it really worked. I really dig this song but I still can’t decide if it’s a country song or a pop song. With Demi’s signature power vocals that you hear on her own albums and Brad’s laid back country sound, I think that it’s a little bit of both depending on who is singing! Watch out Bro Country, Pop Country is making a comeback.

Let’s rewind real quick and talk about what the new single is about. It is quite risqué, but not in a bad way! This is evident in the first line of the chorus, “Good as we are at getting it on, how come we can’t just get along?” To put it bluntly, the song is about make up sex and it seems like they do a lot of making up. Lyrics such as “Sometimes I think it couldn’t be any better, (And I couldn’t want you more). And sometimes I think we don’t belong together” make me think that this is a relationship full of ups and downs but there’s just always something that keeps them coming back for more.

Overall, I think it’s a fun song, relateable to those in the dating scene and something different from both artists. I wonder if it will get a lot of airplay on country radio, pop radio or both! What are your thoughts?

Listen to “Without A Fight” and sing along with the lyrics below!

If you missed the iHeartRadio Music Awards performance, click here to watch! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram and leave me a comment below with your feelings on the new single!


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