Joe Nichols at Cowboys Saloon Phoenix – 5/6/2016

If you’re a country fan, chances are you’ve heard the name Joe Nichols a time or two. From his first hit “The Impossible” to more recent singles such as “Sunny and 75” and “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off“, I can almost guarantee that he has got had singing along in your car! He hasn’t released an album since Crickets came out in 2013, but let’s hope that’s because he has something new up his sleeve that he’s waiting for the perfect moment to reveal (spoiler alert, he does!).

This was a night of firsts to me! Not only was it my first time at Cowboys Saloon in Phoenix, but it was also my very first time seeing Joe Nichols! (Yes, it was a long time coming). It was refreshing seeing such a big name in a small venue. If you’re looking to see your favorite county acts in an intimate setting, I highly suggest you buy a ticket to an upcoming show!

Read my full review on my guest post on Country in AZ!



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